The importance of Dental Care.

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by: Dr. Paresh B. Patel

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer. It has been great seeing all of you for your dental examinations and cleaning. We believe in preventative dentistry and regular dental assessment’s are a vital to prevent dental decay and periodontal disease from progressing. You oral health and wellness are important. I use the term “wellness” as we live in a time when merely having teeth is not acceptable. We all deserve to have a happy, healthy and vibrant smile. Family Dentistry of Frisco: Laser, sedation and Implant Center is a full service comprehensive General Dental office. We offer comprehensive dental care to your entire family.
Please do take a look at the image below which shows the effects of poor oral health. Remember don’t put of having a toothache, looked at. We have convenient appointment times, so please take care of your smile!

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