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I am often asked by patients to discuss there smile. What is actually being asked of me. Well that can vary. As a Frisco Dentist, at Family Dentistry of Frisco, I provide comprehensive Dental care. I believe in prevention and enhancement where necessary. Age defying Dentistry is a topic that is important to my patients. Today I would like discuss a few aspects of dentistry that affect our adult patients.

Family Dentistry of Frisco, is a state of the art dental office in Frisco, Texas. We believe that prevention is better than cure

Nocturnal clenching and grinding: We find this to be a big issue in our adult patients. You may actually not be aware you are grinding your teeth at night. However, over the period of many years the results can be shortened teeth that appear more aged and unaesthetic.

Periodontal health: Regular periodontal care is essential in maintaining your gums, healthy gums mean healthy bone to support your teeth.

If you think either of these issues are problems you have, or are worried about, contact our practice on 469-362-3150 and schedule a dental appointment.

At family dentistry of Frisco, your smile is our passion.

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