All-On-Four Dental Implants

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I waited until I was 49. I wished I had done it earlier with Dr. Paresh B. Patel and Family Dentistry of Frisco! First, it started with getting periodontal disease where my gums receded. I started to get black triangles at the top of my teeth. It was embarrassing as I prided myself on my appearance. I love to smile and every time I smiled, I was reminded of my gum disease. But, I was scared. Scared to take remove my teeth, but also scared of what the results would be.

Dr. Paresh B. Patel, with his over 25 years of dental experience, and the Family Dentistry of Frisco put me at ease. He walked me thoroughly through the process. Dr. Patel helped me to understand the final result. I also knew that because he would be using IV Conscious Sedation, I would not remember a thing! During the process, I would be at ease with the sedation with no anxiety or fear.

I waited so long to get my dental implants. I needed 6 dental implants and I knew my other teeth were going to fail me soon. It made all financial sense! It was cheaper to get the all-on-four dental implants than to get individual dental implants. It meant getting all of my teeth extracted and having a denture that is permanent.

Now, nobody will ever know, including my boyfriend, that I am wearing an all-on-four dental implant denture. More importantly, I forget that I am wearing an all-on-four dental implant denture because I can eat anything I can and I don’t have to remove anything at night!

My smile is beautiful with perfect, gorgeous teeth. I don’t have to worry about getting another implant. I also don’t have to worry about removing a denture or having my teeth move while I eat like a denture. All-on-four dental implant denture is the best solution to multiple dental implants. I and all other patients of Dr. Patel would never have to worry because of Dr. Paresh B. Patel and the Family Dentistry of Frisco!