March 18, 2019

Do I Need a Nightguard? How to Identify and Treat Bruxism

woman with sore jawThe American Dental Association estimates that 10 – 15 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from bruxism. This condition, which is defined by involuntary and habitual teeth grinding, can have serious oral health consequences if it does not receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. But how can you tell if you have bruxism? How can you stop the teeth grinding and save your smile from future problems? Dr. Paresh B. Patel is here to discuss these important issues.


February 19, 2019

Achieve a New Glow with Zoom Teeth Whitening

brilliant white smileTooth enamel is not naturally white, and in many people, it is translucent enough that the yellow dentin beneath it is visible. On top of that, daily habits like wine and coffee consumption can discolor your smile. Fortunately, you are not doomed to live with a lackluster grin. Thanks to Zoom teeth whitening in Frisco, you could become the proud owner of brilliantly bright set of teeth after just one dental appointment!


January 15, 2019

Do You Have Cavities? When to See Your Dentist

mouth with cavityThe vast majority of people have had a cavity at some point or will develop one in the future. In most cases, cavities are nothing to be alarmed about. You simply visit your dentist, and they repair the hole in your tooth with a filling so you go back to enjoying a healthy smile. But when should you see your dentist for cavity treatment? Are there any obvious symptoms of tooth decay? Let’s talk about these important questions and discuss how you can prevent cavities from forming in the first place.


December 14, 2018

What Can You Expect From Wisdom Teeth Removal In Frisco?

Large X-ray showing infected wisdom teethDid you know that 98% of the population gets their wisdom teeth? Put another way, only 2 lucky people out of every 100 don’t need wisdom teeth removal, but the odds are that you aren’t one of them! If you’ve been told that you need this oral surgery procedure, it’s not uncommon to have questions and wonder what you can expect afterward. Keep reading for more information and find out why having your wisdom teeth taken out is so important to your long-term oral health!


November 23, 2018

Root Canal Pain? It’s Time to Visit Your Dentist

man with toothacheIf the term “root canal” sends shivers of fear up and down your spine, you’re far from alone. Those two little words have become synonymous with dental agony. But don’t let your imagination run away with you. If you are experiencing root canal pain, the best thing you can do is visit your oral health doctor and trust them to provide comfortable, compassionate care. Let’s talk more about what a root canal is and how you can determine if you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.


October 24, 2018

What Is a Dental Crown? How Much Does It Cost?

happy patient taking selfie at the dentist Sometimes, a traditional filling is not enough to repair a damaged or severely decayed tooth. In these instances, your dentist in Frisco may recommend a dental crown. This treatment brings back the form and function of the tooth, or the way it looks and works. Below, we dive deep into dental crowns, including how much they cost, what they’re used for, and more. Stick around to learn everything you need to know about this common dental treatment!


September 24, 2018

Is a Sedation Dentist the Answer You’re Looking for?

nervous dental patient

A sedation dentist may be the answer you’re looking for if you suffer from dental-related anxiety. Millions of Americans put off trips to the dentist because of unease about the experience. Modern sedation therapy allows these people to relax throughout the procedure so they can get the care they need worry-free.


August 21, 2018

How to Care for Your Teeth After a Dental Cleaning in Frisco

Woman brushing teethMaking regular trips to the dentist for a dental cleaning in Frisco is a key part of maintaining good oral health. However, once you walk out of the dentist’s office doors, it is up to you to keep your teeth and gums healthy until your next appointment. Most adults know they should brush and floss every day to keep their teeth white and strong, but what many may not know is the correct techniques involved. Good oral hygiene requires more than just a dollop of toothpaste on a brush and a quick scrub of the tooth enamel. To make sure you are thoroughly cleaning your teeth every day, be sure to review the proper dental care techniques below.

July 15, 2018

Dr. Paresh B. Patel Is Your Award-Winning Frisco Dentist!

award conceptDr. Paresh B. Patel has always aimed for excellence in the service he provides to his patients. Our Frisco dentist recently won awards that shine a spotlight on his top-quality work and his unwavering dedication to providing gentle, expert care to his patients.


June 10, 2018

Advantages of Dental Implants in Frisco for Missing Teeth

man smiling with hands in pocketsWhen it’s time to evaluate your options in tooth replacement, you may feel overwhelmed with choices — like keeping your tooth missing, a dental bridge, dentures, an implant for single missing tooth, an implant retained denture (e.g., all on four, locator, conus) for multiple missing teeth. But upon closer examination, you’ll see that nothing offers quite as many benefits as dental implants in Frisco. Your dental health is pivotal in living your best life. Part of living your best life starts with the best dental option for you that lasts a lifetime. The dental implant option is not only the best long-time option, but it is the most comprehensive as it replaces your missing tooth’s root, which is called a dental implant, as well as its visible crown (also known as implant crown), for the ultimate in stability — and that makes dental implants worth their weight in gold.  At Family Dentistry of Frisco, Dr. Paresh B. Patel, your best Frisco implant dentist will talk you through all of your options and explain things in a manner that will help you make informed choices.


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