When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, our skilled dentist, Dr. Paresh B. Patel, along with our caring dental team deftly handle a variety of treatment options, from something as simple as dental bonding to something more involved like dental veneers. Dental bonding is one of the quickest and economical ways to make your smile look better. Dental bonding can fix the size, color and shape of your teeth so you can smile again with confidence, and usually takes only one visit to our office as there’s very little tooth preparation needing to be done beforehand.

Why Choose Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is one of the easiest ways to close tooth gaps and spaces. It can also make misshaped teeth look great, fix any chips or cracks in a tooth, and lighten teeth that are stained or discolored. Unless you prefer the bonded tooth to be a little lighter, most often the color of the composite resin will be shaded to match your tooth’s original color, so it can blend in seamlessly.

Dental bonding works conservatively so that your smile looks so much better without making drastic changes to your teeth. When you come in for your dental bonding treatment, Dr. Patel will adhere the composite resin material directly onto your tooth’s structure to make the improvements. The composite resin material is similar to putty so it’s malleability means it can be shaped and sculpted to fit your tooth perfectly while fixing any cosmetic flaws on the tooth. Next, Dr. Patel will harden the bonding resin so it can be trimmed and polished.

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When finished, the bonding treatment will give you a long lasting, aesthetic restoration you can be proud of. If you have any questions about dental bonding treatment for your smile, we invite you to reach out to our team for more information. Please call our Family Dentistry of Frisco team in Frisco, Texas at (469) 362-3150 today!

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