Keep Your Smile Healthy!


At Family Dentistry of Frisco, our dentist and team want to help you keep your smile intact with all of your natural teeth. But there may be times when one or more of your teeth should come out to preserve your oral health. Dr. Paresh Patel can provide you with a tooth extraction in Frisco, Texas, as a part of your treatment plan. If one of your teeth has been causing you problems, call (469) 362-3150 for your appointment.

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. We will always try to save your tooth if possible, but our dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if all other treatment options are determined to be insufficient for restoring your oral health. We will discuss possible replacement options for your tooth following the extraction so that your smile can appear natural and provide full function for speaking and eating again.

Conditions that may prompt our dentist to recommend tooth extraction include:

  • Severe infection that has deeply damaged a tooth and the supporting bone structure
  • Severe damage from decay that cannot be repaired
  • Crowding from too many teeth in the mouth that cannot be addressed with orthodontics

Our dentist and team will keep you comfortable during your tooth extraction and use advanced tools and methods to ensure optimal results from your extraction. We will also let you know what to do after your extraction at home so that the extraction site can heal properly. If you would like to learn more tooth extractions or if you think you might need a tooth removed, please call our office to schedule an appointment. Our team is looking forward to helping you restore your smile.