Don’t Let Bruxism Disturb Your Sleep or Harm Your Teeth

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Do you wake up in the morning with a stiff or painful jaw? Do you find yourself with morning headaches? If so, you are likely experiencing the effects of bruxism, a condition where you grind your teeth and clench your jaw in your sleep. If this unconscious habit continues, eventually it can wear down tooth enamel leading to tooth damage, tooth sensitivity and potential tooth loss.

Other signs of bruxism can include facial and ear pain, chipped, flattened or cracked teeth as well as unusual indentations on the sides of your tongue. The best thing you can do in this situation is to wear a custom night guard that protects your teeth while you sleep.

Dr. Paresh B. Patel and our skilled team is pleased to offer night guards in Frisco, Texas, to keep your teeth from deteriorating from bruxism. This custom night guard is designed to cushion your teeth to keep you from grinding them in your sleep so you don’t have to worry about damaging your pearly whites.

The night guard is crafted to fit your mouth comfortably so that you can sleep normally without worry that your teeth are being damaged while you sleep. If you suspect you might have problems with teeth grinding, we welcome you to reach out to our team by calling (469) 362-3150 to find out more about night guards and how to protect your teeth from bruxism. Our Family Dentistry of Frisco team looks forward to helping you maintain the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!