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woman's smile before laser gum lift actual patient
woman's smile after laser gum lift actual patient

Laser Gum Lift and cosmetic crowns

The color, contour and shape of teeth can be a problem for many reasons. It is important to note that the gums around teeth also contribute to the harmonious appearance of a great smile. If one has a “high smile line”, they may show more of their gums. This needs to be taken into account in the treatment of teeth.

Here, our patient had dental crowns placed many years ago but was not happy with the results. They were unattractive and prevented her from smiling with confidence. Dr. Paresh B. Patel listened to her needs and, following a comprehensive aesthetic evaluation, recommended laser cosmetic crown lengthening. Family Dentistry of Frisco ( has many options that allow minimally invasive gum re-contouring to be carried out with laser dentistry.

Once the case was planned and presented, the patient was given the option of having a cosmetic wax-up prepared. A wax-up is a visual representation of what the patient’s finished results will look like. As the result shows, with the use of minimally invasive laser technology we were able to re-contour the gums and create a healthy and harmonious smile that would allow the patient to smile with confidence again.

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