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Laser crown lengthening and all ceramic (Emax) crowns

This patient had significant decay, including root decay, in multiple teeth thanks to his habit of sucking boiled sweet. He was also unhappy with the color and contour of his teeth. A cosmetic wax-up was completed and all treatment options were discussed. Due to his financial situation, he decided to have the upper teeth treated first. Multiple teeth had decay extending into the pulp chamber (nerve) and required root canal therapy.

The treatment was carried out under conscious sedation. Laser crown lengthening was also carried out on the maxillary teeth. This procedures allows the correct width of bone and tissue around the tooth to be maintained when decay extends beneath the gum. The biological width, as it is referred to by dentists, is very important in maintaining healthy gums. It also allows for more predictable restoration of teeth. The use of laser dentistry for crown lengthening allows for minimal intervention and reduces post-operative pain and recovery time.

The Emax all-ceramic crowns were placed after a period of healing. Follow care, the patient was ecstatic with his new smile and is looking forward to having his lower teeth treated soon.

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