Oral Surgeries Offered at Family Dentistry of Frisco

Dr. Paresh B. Patel Offer Surgical Extractions in Frisco, TX

At Family Dentistry of Frisco, our highly trained and experienced dentist Dr. Paresh B. Patel performs comfortable oral surgeries. With our many sedation options, we can ensure you feel at ease for your oral surgery at our Frisco dental practice. Oral surgery doesn’t have to be a scary prospect at all! We are very compassionate about your care, and we’ll ensure you are completely comfortable for your oral surgery.

Family Dentistry of Frisco offers oral surgery to patients who need problematic teeth removed. In many cases, oral surgery is needed to remove teeth that impact your oral health negatively. There are many good reasons to have oral surgery, which may Family Dentistry of Frisco is dedicated to making your smile as healthy and as beautiful as possible. We want you to have the gorgeous grin you deserve!

Teeth may need to be removed for many reasons, usually as a course of action to protect your oral health. While we do all that we can to keep your tooth structure intact, it’s not always a viable option for patients seeking repair their dental health. Our Frisco family dentist Dr. Paresh B. Patel will always try to restore your teeth, if they are worth saving. However, some teeth are so damaged by bacteria, disease, or infection that removal is necessary.

There are many good reasons why Dr. Paresh B. Patel recommends oral surgeries, which includes:

Most simple extractions can be completed under local anesthetics and can be performed comfortably and quickly at our Frisco family dental practice. Simple extractions are when the entire tooth is removed from its socket. An elevator is used to loosen the tooth, and then our dentist uses forceps to pull out the tooth. If you do require teeth extractions, then you should also consider teeth replacements, such as dental implants. Family Dentistry of Frisco is a full-service dental practice. We can complete nearly all of your dental procedures, including oral surgeries.

Dr. Paresh B. Patel at Family Dentistry of Frisco also performs complex surgical extractions. Complex surgical extractions are reserved for teeth that are not easy to access. For example, a tooth that broke beneath the gum line, a tooth that never fully erupted, or wisdom teeth that are impacted. In this type of oral surgery, our doctor cuts the tooth into pieces to better extract the problem teeth. In some cases, bone structure may have to be removed to facilitate a complete extraction. With complex surgical extractions, we can use IV sedation to make your oral surgery more comfortable.

Family Dentistry of Frisco offers oral surgeries to remove teeth that negatively impact your oral health. This may include taking out impacted wisdom teeth, broken teeth, or infected teeth. For families in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Prosper, and nearby communities, Family Dentistry of Frisco provides the oral surgery you need to ensure good dental health. Request your appointment!

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We enhance your dental health and provide the following services for your entire family:
  • Laser technology (replacing shots)
  • Sedation (Gas-Nitrous Oxide, Oral, and IV)
  • Cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Root Canal
  • Crowns
  • Implants (including a 3D Digital X-Ray Imaging)
  • Orthodontics (Braces and Invisalign)
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Our beautiful, newly built office offers elegance, luxury, beauty, and comfort in every room.
  • One American, a day, dies from oral cancer. We firmly believe in cancer screening. Our team performs comprehensive oral cancer screenings for all patients!
  • Dr. Patel is a master and fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
  • We devote unparalleled compassion, nurture, and comfortable care starting from the front concierge to our dental assistant to our doctor.
  • Our doctor, Dr. Paresh B. Patel, is an internationally and nationally trained general dentist, and he has more than thirteen years of experience in family dentistry!
  • Our practice has a 3D Digital X-Ray Imaging (i.e., CT scan) to allow our team to visualize the anatomy of your teeth and bones accurately.
  • We believe the heart of education is education of the heart. We lead and organize health fairs and have personally traveled and help at many earthquake-hit areas.
  • Dental Implants Frisco TXFamily Dentistry of Frisco recommends The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss as a gift to your child!
  • Our doctor received the Dental Practitioner's Award for his outstanding patient care and compassion.
  • Our primary focus is patient care. We use the latest laser technology to replace shots! This will drastically increase your recovery time and undoubtedly help with pain!
  • We use Digital X-Rays that reduces radiation given to you.
  • Our patients are our primary concern. We eliminate shots by using laser technology and offer many types of sedation (gas-nitrous oxide, oral, and IV) of your choosing.
  • We are open at very convenient times from Monday through Friday 7AM-6PM and Saturday 9AM-2PM. Come book your appointment with us when it is convenient for you!
  • Our doctor's life passion is dentistry‚Ķand oh yeah, he was born and raised in England. Come listen to him speak with his British accent!
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