You Can Help Your Gums To Thrive With Routine Periodontal Maintenance

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Your gums are just as vital for your healthy smile as your teeth, as they hold your teeth in their proper place securely. But gum disease is fairly common, and can seriously affect your smile as you can even lose teeth to gum disease. Dr. Paresh B. Patel and our team offer gum disease treatment to help make sure that your dental health is optimal. Once your gums have been treated, you will still need to come in for regular visits to have periodontal maintenance done. 

Periodontal maintenance helps make sure that gum disease won’t come back and so you can smile with confidence. You might have gum disease if your gums are red, swollen or tender to the touch. Bleeding gums is another red flag. Periodontal disease thrives on the bacterial plaque that builds up on your teeth every day around the gumline. If it is not monitored regularly to prevent it from deteriorating your gums, you can lose not only gum tissue and teeth but bone density as well. This is why controlling your gum disease is so crucial.

Your routine periodontal maintenance visits usually need to take place every three months so our team can give you a professional cleaning. We remove harmful plaque build-up and its hardened version (tartar or dental calculus) to keep your gum disease from getting worse. Why 3 months? That is based on the fact that these harmful periodontal bacteria easily start thriving in your mouth within three to 12 weeks. 

If you have ongoing gum disease, the best thing you can do is brush and floss daily and come in for routine periodontal maintenance. Your oral health depends on it! Please give us a call today to schedule your next visit or to learn more about preserving your gum health. Our Family Dentistry of Frisco team in Frisco, Texas can be reached by calling (469) 362-3150. We are here for your smile!