If you have ever had a root canal treatment done you know that it removes the damaged tooth pulp and nerves deep inside the teeth. This pulp lies beneath the dentin which is the layer right under the tooth enamel. When the pulp is infected or inflamed from extensive tooth decay or dental injury, the tooth could die and require extraction. A root canal is what our dentist does to save your tooth, restoring it to full function. 

Fotona® Laser Therapy

While root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years, today’s root canal therapy is more advanced and comfortable than ever before. Thanks to advanced technology and instruments, like our state-of-the-art Fotona SSP (Super Short Pulse) irrigation (or Photon Induced Photo-acoustic Streaming) laser and the SWEEPS® (Shock Wave Enhanced Emission Photo-acoustic Streaming). These are advanced tools for cleaning the root canal system, even more thoroughly than a regular root canal! Once the infected tissue is cleared out, cleaned and filled with a medicated material, the tooth is capped with a crown so the restored tooth looks, feels and functions just like it always did. Here’s a short list of benefits:

- The Fotona laser sends cleaning solutions throughout the tooth’s tiny crevices to effectively clear out harmful bacteria, dead tissue, and dental debris.

-This laser therapy cuts down on potential complications.

-Its efficiency and efficacy mean diminish the need for extra and often costly procedures like oral surgery, retreatment or extractions and implant restorations.

-Greater safety for you.

-Effectively cleans the whole root canal system while avoiding the risk of spreading the cleaning solutions beyond the end of the tooth root.

-Lessens the risk of having to remove part of the tooth structure.

What You Can Expect From Laser Therapy

You will be made comfortable throughout your root canal treatment, relieving your anxiety so your dental appointment is both positive and pleasant for you. Our Fotona laser is minimally invasive and works by producing precision energy waves that thoroughly clean the root canal system that traditional root canal therapy might miss so you can get the fast, safe, and effective root canal treatment you deserve. 

Not only does the technologically advanced laser make your experience more comfortable it can also cut down on the need for anesthesia altogether. You can expect a shortened treatment time and healing time along with a lower risk of incurring an infection post-treatment. The laser will minimize potential bleeding during and after treatment, all without affecting the nearby healthy tissue.

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Our dentist, Dr. Paresh Patel, loves providing Fontana laser root canal treatments in Frisco, Texas, to safely and completely remove the infection, saving your natural teeth with a minimal amount of impact on your smile. If you are currently experiencing a tender tooth, don’t put it off until it can’t be ignored. Please give our Family Dentistry of Frisco a call or text us at (469) 362-3150, so a member of our team can help you plan your visit to get the relief you need! 


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