Are You Ready To Achieve Your Smile Goals With the Durability and Aesthetics of a Dental Implant?

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Do you know that dental implants can beautifully restore one lost tooth or a whole dental arch in your mouth? This modern marvel feels like your natural teeth and looks like one too. You can even clean it like your own teeth! This replacement tooth functions as both the root and crown so that it is held securely in position without shifting out around in your mouth.

An implant is made from two segments — the post and the restorative topper –ultimately functioning just like a normal tooth that is securely anchored in the jawbone. The implant is surgically planted in your jawbone where the previous tooth was located. After this surgery, your new post will need to fuse with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration so it functions like a tooth root. This allows the jawbone density to stay full as it stimulates the bone when chewing and biting. After a time of healing, the post will be ready to support a restorative topping, whether that’s a dental crown, dental bridge or secure denture.

Your dental implant effectively becomes a permanent part of your mouth, and with good care, like your own teeth, can last for a very long time, and in some cases for a lifetime of smiles! To determine whether a dental implant is right for your smile, you will need to have strong jawbone density. Your surrounding teeth and gums also need to be healthy — decaying teeth and gum disease can’t support dental implants, and if that’s the case, our dentist can recommend additional treatments that can get you there.

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