Dental damage, whether it is a broken tooth, a cavity or even a crack that is invisible to the naked eye, can result in an infection that can be painful and may even result in a lost tooth. Our dentist, Dr. Paresh Patel, can use laser root canal treatments in Frisco, Texas, to remove the infection and save your smile with a minimal amount of impact. If you have a tooth that has been feeling a little tender, call Family Dentistry of Frisco at (469) 362-3150, and a member of our team will be happy to help you plan your visit.

A root canal treatment, more commonly called just a root canal, is an endodontic treatment that addresses damaged pulp and nerves inside of a tooth. Although your tooth is usually well protected by its enamel, the pulp and nerves inside the tooth can become inected or inflamed due to injury or decay that enters the tooth. If infected dental pulp is ignored for too long, the tooth may die and need to be extracted. Thankfully, infected pulp can be removed so that the tooth can remain in your mouth and continue to function normally.

Using advanced lasers for more precise and comfortable treatment, our dentist will remove the infected and damaged tissue from inside the tooth. The inside of the tooth will then be cleaned and filled with medicated material to keep the tooth healthy. The tooth is then capped with a restoration, often a dental crown, to restore the tooth to its natural structure and appearance and protect it from further damage. Often, a root canal can be completed in just one or two appointments.

Many patients believe that a root canal treatment is a highly unpleasant experience. In reality, root canals can be very quick and comfortable, especially with the use of dental lasers and anesthesia. We will keep you comfortable during your root canal treatment and go over any concerns you might have. Please call us today with any questions about root canal treatments.