Need An Implant Dentist?

One of the most effective ways to replace anything from a single missing tooth to an entire dental arch is a dental implant. Implants look and feel natural and are easy brush and floss. There are also oral health benefits that come with implants and we can tell you more during your visit. Our implant dentist, Dr. Paresh Patel, offers implant dentistry in Frisco, Texas, and we will be happy to schedule you for a consultation at Family Dentistry of Frisco. Dr. Patel is a Master of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. To become a Master in the ICOI, a dentist must successfully complete at least 80 implant cases and 150 hours of continuing education specifically in the field of dental implants, give multiple presentations to other implant professionals and have a letter of recommendation from a colleague. Let Dr. Patel put his expertise to work for your improving your smile. Contact our team at (469) 362-3150 to schedule your consultation.

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for both the root and crown of your tooth, resulting in a naturally looking and functioning replacement. A dental implant has two parts: the post and restoration. The post replaces the tooth root, keeping your new tooth secure in your jawbone so that you can use it for normal tooth function. The restoration replaces the crown of the tooth and is the part visible in your smile.

We begin with placement of the dental implant, which is a surgery that installs the implant post into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. After placement, the post will need time to integrate with the jawbone so that it is stable. After the post has integrated, our implant dentist will design and create a restoration that tops the post. This may be a crown, bridge or denture depending on what your smile needs.

Dental implants are meant to be permanent and last for many years if not a lifetime. In order to keep your dental implant in the best condition possible, you will need to brush and floss regularly and receive routine dental care. Care for your dental implant is mostly the same as care for a natural tooth!

A good candiate for implant dentistry is a patient who has lost a tooth and has sufficient supporting jawbone structure. We will also examine your surrounding teeth and gums when deciding if implant dentistry is a good option to restore your smile. If we find tooth decay, gum disease or insufficient jawbone density, we may recommend that you receive other treatments first before you can receive a dental implant.

To schedule a consultation with our implant dentist and find out if dental implants might benefit you, please call our office.