Your teeth (and gums) work hard for you all year round. They help you look good when you smile and help you speak, chew and maintain a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. So whether you want to look your best at work, home or with friends and family, a healthy smile can help you do just that!

How Your Smile Helps You

-Teeth allow you to bite, grind and chew your food so you can get the essential nutrients your body needs to be healthy and to enjoy that delicious pumpkin pie and roasted turkey! 

-Healthy teeth and gums allow you to successfully communicate with those around you, which comes in handy when you’re in line to order your pumpkin latte, providing customer service at your work, talking to your parents long-distance or kissing your child and spouse goodnight.

-Smiling boosts your body’s feel-good hormones, those endorphins that lessen pain, relieve stress, boost your immune system and even increase your lifespan. Who doesn’t love that?

Showing Thanks

This Thanksgiving, let us know how we are doing at helping you create a healthy, beautiful smile all year round. Both our dentists and dental hygienists love helping you keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition. Dr. Patel and our entire team are always happy to explain the best brushing routine for healthy gums and tooth enamel, show you how to floss so plaque can’t build up between your teeth and help you beat bad breath every day!

We also love taking the best possible care of your smile with preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Show your thanks for your smile by taking the best care of it, and let us help! Check out the services we offer you and your family. If you need help, call (469) 362-3150 today!

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