by: Dr. Paresh

Cosmetic Dentistry is Dentistry that helps to uplift the appearance of the dentition, or teeth. This can be as simple as some staining that needs to polished away or as involved as having to have a full mouth Rehabilitation and having Crowns and or veneers placed on the majority of teeth. At Family Dentistry of Frisco TX, we believe in conservative dentistry. The principal that underpins conservative Dentistry is preservation of tooth structure. Our Dental Treatment plans focus on predictable results with the best prognosis and conservation of tooth Structure. At Family Dentistry of Frisco, your Frisco dentist, Dr Paresh B Patel, will work with you to educated you on the dental Problems you have. We will work to identify the emerging issues also. We believe in prevention as opposed to cure. Regular Dental Hygiene visits have been proven to reduce the level of dental intervention necessary.

We treat patients with all types of Dental concerns, be they missing teeth needing Dental implants, to stained teeth needing cleaning. Some tooth Staining is however, Intrinsic. Intrinsic tooth staining is staining that is congenital and cannot be as predictably or effectively removed with whitening.

There are many factors that affect what treatments may be needed, the degree of the staining, the dite of

the staining, the condition of the teeth etc.

We wanted to share a case of a lady who suffered from congenital tooth staining due to well water consumption in childhood. The heavy mineral deposits in such water supplies have been shown to increase the occurrence of this “mottled” appearance in teeth.

We hope you enjoy the video. Please browse our website and contact Family Dentistry of Frisco at 469-362-3150 to schedule a dental consultation.

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