Do you have a problem tooth that needs fixing? If so, a dental crown (or cap) can repair a tooth that has suffered from decay or other problem. This tooth restoration is crafted to cover the tooth from the gumline on up. It’s important to keep the tooth’s original shape and size intact as much as possible and a crown achieves this. You can get a dental crown made from gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.

Why You Might Need a Crown

  • Replace cavities: when a dental filling can’t save a decaying tooth, a crown often can by protecting what’s left of a weakened tooth structure.
  • Save a tooth from a failed filling: This helps a tooth that has been subjected to multiple depletions of a tooth’s structure.
  • Build up a tooth: a crown can help when a tooth needs building up to a normal height from enamel erosion.
  • Improve a tooth’s aesthetics: a crown can improve the color and shape of problem teeth.
  • Replace a prior failed crown: Once a crown is used to restore a tooth, it will always need the support of a crown.
  • Protect a cracked tooth: The crown keeps a cracked tooth together so it doesn’t crack further.
  • Cover a dental implant or anchor and attach a dental bridge: a crown completes a dental implant and dental bridge restoration.
  • Protect a tooth after a root canal: A root canal saves a tooth from being pulled and the crown tops it.

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As you can see, dental crowns are a vital part of a healthy smile in tooth restorations and are used for a variety of dental issues. Our experienced dentist, in Frisco, Texas, can boost your oral health with the help of dental crowns. Please call our Family Dentistry of Frisco team at (469) 362-3150. Dr. Paresh Patel is happy to complete your smile with a dental crown!


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