When it comes to dental surgery, it is vital for you to follow the post-operative instructions given to you by our team to help ensure your quick recovery, avoid unnecessary pain and prevent complications from arising. Following your post-operative surgery instructions also helps ensure the success of the oral surgery treatment.

Your post-op instructions will address the following:

-Mouth pain
-Common questions

For example, after your surgery, you want to avoid rinsing your mouth in the first 24 hours afterward, avoiding tobacco in any form and carbonated beverages for at least one week and not drinking through a straw for a week. This helps prevent complications from arising as your mouth continues to heal. Remember, you are with our surgical team for just a short while and it’s what happens in the days and weeks afterward that rely on you doing your part to facilitate recovery.

At our dental practice in Frisco Texas, we give our patients specific Post-Op instructions for the following treatments:

-IV Sedation Instructions
-Non-IV Sedation (Pill) Instructions
-Post-Op Instructions for Fillings
-Post-Op Instructions for Implants
-Post-Op Instructions for Surgical Extraction
-Post-Op Instructions for Temporary Crowns

If you are considering having oral surgery you will want to make sure you follow your post-operative surgery instructions completely if you want your treatment to have the best possible outcome for a healthier, more beautiful smile!

Our Family Dentistry of Frisco dental team will provide you with the post-op instructions you need to help you heal and recover quickly and completely. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (469) 362-3150. We will gladly direct you to valuable information as well as help you schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Paresh B. Patel. Your smile’s success skyrockets as you and our team work together!


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