by: Dr. Paresh B. Patel

Family Dentistry of Frisco, TX: Laser, sedation and Implant Center is a comprehensive general dental office where, you smile is our passion. As medical technology has changed and evolved, the ability to enhance smiles has, also evolved. Tooth eruption is a natural process whereby, teeth erupt into the mouth through a physiological process. The tissues that attach to teeth do so within certain parameters. Sometimes nature may not quite give you the smile you desire. With orthodontics, your dentist can move teeth to straighten and enhance your smile. The “gums” or soft tissues are also very important in creating harmony and beauty in a smile. The gum line can sometimes be obstructive or unsightly, this is often referred to as a gummy smile. Although a gummy smile is multifactorial in its etiology, there are many instances when laser technology can be used to reshape and raconteur the gum line to create a dazzling smile line.

At Family Dentistry of Frisco, TX, Dr. Paresh B Patel DDS, uses state of the art hard and soft tissue lasers to recontour gum tissue, remove decay from teeth, and disinfect root canal systems with a process called photon induced acoustic micro streaming or “pips”. This process has been scientifically proven to be effective in disinfecting root canal systems and allowing the root canal treatment to be less invasive.

Here we present a case where after orthodontics the patient had a unbalanced gum line. We were able to correct this with a laser gum lift. If you are concerned about you gums, schedule an appointment,

At we offer comprehensive dental care. Come and see our team and let us maintain, enhance and rejuvenate your smile.

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