Our Family Dentistry of Frisco dentist, Dr. Paresh B. Patel, strives to save damaged teeth whenever possible. Sometimes a tooth will become infected after sustaining some kind of injury such as a fracture, cavity or break that allows harmful bacteria to infiltrate the protective tooth enamel to reach the inner parts of the tooth where the nerves reside (the tooth pulp).

It is almost always better to repair the tooth than to extract it, as extraction cause the surrounding teeth to shift, altering your bite pattern unless the tooth is replaced with a dental implant or bridge.

With the help of advanced dental technology such as laser root canal treatment in Frisco, Texas, Dr. Patel can go in, remove the infection and save your tooth without affecting the neighboring teeth or pulling the damaged tooth. This endodontic therapy helps prevent the tooth from dying, extracting and replacing.

Performing Laser Root Canal Therapy

First, Dr. Patel will get rid of the infected tissues inside the tooth. Using a laser, he will clean the tooth and sterilize the area with a medicated filling material. Next, the tooth may be “capped” with a dental crown, if needed, to restore the original shape and function of the tooth. This high tech treatment is often done in just one or two office visits with minimal discomfort to you, thanks to leading-edge equipment, sedation and advanced dental techniques.

If you would like to know more about our laser root canal therapy or are experiencing any problems with your teeth, we welcome you to call our Family Dentistry of Frisco team today at (469) 362-3150. We look forward to helping you protect your smile!

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