by: Dr. Paresh B. Patel

Tooth loss is a unwanted and preventable problem. However, there are times when through dental disease and trauma, the loss of a one or many teeth is necessary. At such times dentists have had to replace missing teeth with Dental Bridges and Partial Removable Dentures. Patient have become accustomed to putting up with the lack of stability and the damage to adjacent teeth that comes with Dental Fixed partial Dentures ( Bridges) and Removable partial dentures. At Family Dentistry of Frisco,TX, Your Family Dentist in Frisco, Dr. Paresh B Patel DDS, can carry out the surgical placement and the restoration of Dental Implants under on roof. No need for referral and moving from various offices. With the aid of CAT scans and the latest in laser and diagnostic dental equipment Family Dentistry of Frisco and Dr.Paresh B Patel DDS, are about to replace “missing teeth” with Dental Implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants at a Glance:

  • Improved stability over removable Dentures: As the Dental Implant is fused to the bone and tissue of your body, the Dental Implant and crown function just like a natural tooth. Giving you the peace of mind that you had with your natural tooth.
  • Eliminates Cosmetic problems associated with a gap: Patient naturally find a gap in there smile a cosmetic issue. It tends to lead to movement of other teeth and is not the appearance patients want to have. Having a Dental implant with maintain the orientation of your remaining teeth, help maintain alveolar bone levels and help maintain your dental Health.
  • Eliminates gradual tooth movement: The movement of teeth is a constant issue if you have a gap or loss of bone around teeth. Teeth opposing a missing tooth will migrate into the space and teeth adjacent to the gap will tilt and drift into the space. Dental implants prevent this by restoring the natural harmony of the space.


Case Study:

In the Case below we see a 35 year old female who had fractured a tooth due to Dental decay. The tooth was cracked and was not savable. Dr. Paresh B Patel DDS, carefully explained all options available and tooth a Cone Beam scan to assess the bone levels. A Dental implant was placed under IV sedation at Family Dentistry of Frisco: Laser, Sedation and Implant Center. Once the Dental Implant,TX had healed, it was restored with a Implant crown.

Broken tooth replaced with Dental Implant


Once the Dental Implant had fused to the bone a custom abutment and ceramic crown where fabricated via CAD/CAM technology and the Dental Implant Frisco,TX was placed.

Implant Crown Restoration

If you or someone you know is suffering from loos of tooth, or broken teeth, give us a call at 469-362-3150. Alternatively visit and come let your dentist frisco,TX help enhance you smile.


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