When it comes to your smile, it’s important to take good care of your teeth and gums to keep your natural teeth as long as possible. Still, there are times when a tooth may need to be extracted (or pulled) from your mouth. When a normal tooth is extracted, its replacement will need to be made to ensure that you can continue to eat and speak properly.

So what can necessitate removing a tooth? If an infected tooth has damaged the tooth’s structure (including its supporting bone structure) or can no longer be fixed because of the extent of the decay, pulling it is the first stage of replacing it. However, if the tooth is removed because of overcrowding, it will not need to be replaced. 

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth, located in the back of your mouth, are known as molars and are the last of your teeth to come in. It’s often the case that by that time there is typically not enough room for them to come through properly, causing them to come in impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth often can’t erupt properly so they become stuck in the gum tissues or negatively impact the surrounding teeth. If that should happen, your smile can be in trouble.

Problem wisdom teeth can not only affect your tooth alignment requiring orthodontic intervention down the road but can damage nearby teeth and lead to cavities, gum infection, cyst development and even damage to your jawbone.

The good news is, our skilled team can make your tooth extraction as smooth and comfortable as possible using leading-edge tools, techniques and technology. After your tooth has been taken out, your gums will need to heal, and for non-wisdom teeth, can then be replaced with a suitable dental restoration as needed. 

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If you have teeth in your smile that need help, our skilled team is here for you! Our goal is to help you have your healthiest teeth for your best smile. If you would like to learn more about tooth extractions or have concerns about your wisdom teeth, please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to one of our caring team members. Your smile is important to us!

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