Today, we want to share the top three best advice tips for getting a dental implant at Family Dentistry of Frisco. This is a fictional story that is based on the reviews of our patients about their experiences at Family Dentistry of Frisco.

Hello, my name is Jane and I have been a dental patient for Dr. Paresh Patel for 20 years now. I’ve had multiple dental implants done by Dr. Patel and these are my top three best advice tips for getting a dental implant. 

My first advice is to do your research and select the most correct dentist for the job, and for me, the best dentist would be a dentist that is knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Patel is not only renowned but also compassionate. He serves all ages at Family Dentistry of Frisco from babies to older adults. He’s not only sought after for general dental needs or general family dentistry, but is also distinguished in many areas, including full mouth rehabilitation, sedation dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Patel’s cosmetic dentistry services range from dental implants, Invisalign®, laser root canals, wisdom teeth extractions and crowns.

Dr. Patel has been honored as the best family dentist and best cosmetic dentist by his patients and he’s been awarded Best Dentist in DFW 3 years in a row and that is from D magazine which is renowned in DFW. He follows a patient-centered approach with a focus on prevention and state-of-the-art dental care. 

My second best advice for getting a dental implant is to find the process that best fits YOUR comfort levels. So, the process at Family Dentistry of Frisco was the most comfortable of all dental offices I’ve been at. The first step was a pre-op where I signed consent to the treatment, gave my medical history, and was given sedation instructions in preparation for IV sedation. I was also given post-operative instructions at that time. 

All this was very comfortable and very thorough so I knew in advance about the whole process at the pre-op. The surgery date was very comfortable, gentle and easy. I didn’t remember a thing as far as the surgery was concerned but what I do remember is that it was extremely comfortable, gentle and easy. Then came a quick follow-up which included a quick X-ray so I was able to visually see my dental implant on an X-ray. Then, three to six months later, depending on the site and my bone levels, I was able to get an impression of a dental implant. So instead of having an impression material placed in my mouth at Family Dental of Frisco with Dr. Patel, they scanned my teeth. This allowed for more precision and ease as a patient. Then the final step, approximately two to three weeks later, was the implant crown seat. So the process was very comfortable and very thorough at Family Dentistry of Frisco. 

The third and final best advice I would give for getting a dental implant is to continue going to the dentist for cleanings and follow-ups afterward. This helps to maintain the quality of your implant and that’s why I love going to doctor Patel! I could see him for everything, including my regular dental cleanings and any other dental concerns I would have, not only for other parts of my mouth but how they fit as a whole with my dental implant. 

I hope these best advice tips help you in your quest for a healthier smile with dental implants. Thank you!

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