What To Do if You Have a Dental Emergency

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It’s been hurting slightly on and off, and now, it is hurting to the point where you cannot concentrate. Maybe if you just take pain medication and floss in the area, it will get better.

But now it’s tomorrow and the pain got worse. You Google what it could be but knowledge is not power because it just gave you what it could be but didn’t solve it. It also freaked you out because now not only do you not know what it could be, but you worked yourself into this spiraling web of anxiety congealed by all possible options that you’ve read are painful, and the worst part about it is that it is now 10 times more painful than it was a few days ago!

What should you have done? Before we could attribute it to the twister of excuses, there was a solution. The silver bullet is that you should have called a dentist when it first started. Dr. Paresh B. Patel in Frisco, TX at Family Dentistry of Frisco would be the best choice. He helps patients of all ages in all areas of dentistry. From general dentistry which includes fillings, crowns and bridges to more specialized services such as IV sedation, dental implants, wisdom teeth, and laser root canals.

If you schedule a consultation with him, you would be able to see that Dr. Paresh Patel is a very compassionate dentist who loves helping all patients. He is very comprehensive and very passionate about dentistry. We get all emergency patients in for same-day consultation for every emergency dental need. At Family Dentistry of Frisco, we may be able to do same-day dentistry as well. Dr. Patel’s patients voted Dr. Patel as “Best Dentist,” specifically “Best Family Dentist” and “Best Cosmetic Dentist” in Living Magazine many years in a row. He was also voted by his peer dentists as “Best Dentist” in DFW in D Magazine: https://directory.dmagazine.com/dentists/