Summer is generally less fast-paced than the rest of the year, making it the ideal time to have dental work done that requires a recovery period. If you or your teen need to have wisdom tooth extractions, now is the time to get those done! As an oral surgery, this treatment takes some time as you rest and recover from the surgery.

The third molars are generally unnecessary when it comes to smile function because your regular molars are enough to do the job of chewing. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often become infected, and it’s generally a good idea to remove them before their root tips complete their development or they reach a nerve canal.

Why Extract Wisdom Teeth

  • Affect tooth alignment or orthodontic treatment
  • Cause problems with neighboring teeth
  • They are decaying
  • Infect gums and inflame nearby oral tissues
  • Create cysts
  • Damage the jawbone

If your teenager needs their wisdom tooth extracted, the slower weeks of summer are the best for getting proper recovery time. They won’t have to worry about missing school, and you can take vacation days from work while dealing with bruising, swelling and pain following the extraction.

Wisdom tooth recovery involves some pain management as well to keep your teen or yourself comfortable. As some of the medications cause drowsiness, it’s better to stay at home while recovering instead of worrying about missing classes or work.
It’s also easier to stick to a post-surgery diet which typically involves liquids and soft foods that need to be prepared. Following proper oral surgery aftercare means bouncing back quickly and safely.

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